Sunflower Beach

Location :: Port Aransas, TX       Year Completed :: 2013 to present       Size :: 33 acres

Sunflower Beach is a classic beach community with some modern twists. It’s a classic beach community in part because it’s easy to navigate on foot or bike, which frees up the whole family to slow down and truly enjoy their beach experience. And it’s also classic because it mixes several architectural styles in the same way as a beach town that has grown and changed over many decades. The “freshness date” will never expire at Sunflower Beach.

At the same time, it’s a place with a thoroughly modern sensibility. The designs of the primary amenities are playful and modern. From the sales center to the Beach Club, you’ll see clean, simple lines and shapes, punctuated by more exuberant forms and colors like the main pavilion at the Beach Club. Even the sidewalks have a playful high-contrast pattern. It’s a place that strives for the essence of what a beach community should be – a place to relax and play.

Schnell Urban Design designed the master plan, wrote the design code, provides design review, and designed the Beach Club.

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