Palmilla Beach

Location :: Port Aransas, TX       Year Completed :: 2013 to present       Size :: Seaside Village: 53 acres, Overall: 387 acres (includes golf course)

Palmilla Beach is a story of rebirth and transformation on the Texas coast.

The community originated as Newport Beach and Golf, a development designed in 2002 by noted urban design firm DPZ. When the economy crashed in 2008 and development completely stalled, the Arnold Palmer golf course and the horizontal infrastructure of the first village had been built, but no vertical construction had started. Only one lot had been sold. This left neither a blank slate nor a clear direction for the next developer.

McCombs Properties, the real estate development company owned by famed San Antonio businessman Red McCombs, acquired the property in 2012. They hired Schnell Urban Design to revamp the master plan, write the design code, provide design review, and design several buildings, parks, pavilions, and amenities.

Today Palmilla Beach is rapidly taking shape. It’s a walkable mixed-use community with architecture that is a sophisticated hybrid of classic beach cottage architecture and Spanish colonial architecture, including precedents from Texas.

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