Cinnamon Shore

Location :: Port Aransas, TX       Year Completed :: 2006 to present       Size :: CS North: 60 acres, CS South and Bay: 260 acres, Overall: 320 acres

Cinnamon Shore is the rare development that has played a transformative role in its region. This walkable mixed-use community has changed the design, perception, and economics of the coast of America’s second largest state.

Schnell Urban Design was hired in 2006 to design the master plan, write the design code, and provide design review. By the time of the economic collapse in 2008, Cinnamon Shore only had a few houses built or under construction. In the years that followed, the comparable projects in the area went bankrupt or completely stalled, but Cinnamon Shore continued to build and thrive.

Schnell Urban Design has played an integral role in the creation of the community, touching all aspects of its design. In addition to the master plan and design code, the firm designed the first restaurant building, the realty building, the rental building, three pools, the parks and streetscapes, pavilions, dune crossovers, and several houses. All other designs were reviewed and approved by the firm as well.

At full build-out, the original 60-acre site – now known as Cinnamon Shore North – will include approximately 300 residential units, five restaurants/bars, and 24,000 square feet of retail and/or office. The community is now expanding on a 260-acre site located 1.5 miles to the south of the original, and Schnell Urban Design continues to provide and direct design for the community. The horizontal infrastructure for the first phase of Cinnamon Shore South has been completed, and the first buildings are under construction.

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